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PaddyKing Brand

The PaddyKing range of rice products is available at all leading supermarkets such as Shop and Save, Cold Storage, Giant, Carrefour, Sheng Siong and also provision outlets.

PaddyKing Jasmine Rice

PaddyKing Jasmine Rice is grown in the North-Eastern region of Thailand where it has the specific geographical and climatic conditions that is required to cultivate rice of the highest quality. A long grain rice variety, it has long and slender kernel with a slightly pointed tip at one end. The rice stay more separate and fluffy when cooked and it gives off a jasmine scented aroma. Together with its smooth and tender texture, PaddyKing Jasmine Rice is simply delicious enough to even eat it plain.

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PaddyKing New Crop Jasmine Rice

PaddyKing New Crop Jasmine Rice on the other hand, is slightly softer and stickier when cooked. This is due to higher moisture content as the rice is packed into vacuum-sealed bags straight after harvest to retain its authentic flavour, fragrance and texture until consumed. Interestingly, it is this type of new crop rice that gives off the best fragrance. Therefore, the PaddyKing New Crop Jasmine Rice is most ideal for cooking porridge or congee. To cook rice, simply reduce the water ratio during the cooking process.

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PaddyKing Calrose Rice

PaddyKing Calrose Rice is a medium grain rice variety grown in the lush paddy fields of California, USA. It has a shorter, wider kernel and the cooked grains are moist, tender, and have a greater tendency to cling together than long grain rice. Using traditional farming principles combined with modern technology, every grain of the PaddyKing Calrose Rice produced is of the highest quality and taste. It is ideal for most everyday dishes as well as international cusines like Japanese Sushi, Italian Risotto or Amercian's favourite Casseroles.

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2.5Kg | 5kg | 25Kg


PaddyKing Sushi Rice

PaddyKing Sushi Rice is a premium koshihikari rice variety of Japan that is successfully grown and cultivated in USA. This short grain rice has a creamy off white color and plump, rounded grains. When cooked, it is distinguished by its aromatic fragrance, glossy appearance, sweet flavor and soft, sticky texture. The ability to retain its moisture over a longer period of time allows the rice to be more clingy and hence the PaddyKing Sushi Rice is the best choice for most traditional Japanese dishes and definitely be part of any sushi connoisseur's delight.

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2.5kg | 25kg



PaddyKing Brown Rice

PaddyKing Brown Rice
is also a premium Thai Hom Mali variety except that the grains are unpolished or unmilled. Only the outermost layer, the hull of the kernel is removed leaving all the natural goodness intact at the bran layer. Therefore, this kind of healthy grains has higher nutritional values, providing a richer choice of vitamins ( especially from the Vitamin B group ), dietary minerals (sodium, calcium, magnesium) and fibre as compared to white rice.

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PaddyKing Red Cargo Rice

PaddyKing Red Cargo Rice is another healthy rice variety under the same Thai Hom Mali grade. Like brown rice, the red cargo grains are not polished or milled either. Only the hull of the kernel is removed, leaving all the rich vitamins and minerals at the bran layer and thus providing higher nutritional values as compared to white rice.

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Mixed Jasmine rice

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